Community Spirit Support CIC

Who we are

Community Spirit aims to support people with physical and mental health conditions and those at risk of isolation and loneliness. We are local people with experience of living with chronic pain, invisible illnesses and mental health issues and as such we want to provide support to others in our local area experiencing similar issues.

What is a CIC?

A CIC or community interest company is a company that exists to benefit a community rather than private shareholders. CIC’s can trade as a business but must have a social purpose and reinvest profits to continue their work to achieve their objectives.

What we do

We offer a wide range of services priced at the lowest cost possible and we always respond to the suggestions and needs of our ‘friends’ (our name for the people we support). Our services include:

Holistic Therapies

Support Groups

Befriending & Mentoring



Social Events

and more.

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Hi and welcome to my new blog. Thank you for visiting Community Spirit’s website. I thought I should give you a bit of an insight into who is behind the organisation. I’m Vicky, I’m not only a director of Community Spirit but also a wife and mother of 3, so things do get a bitContinue reading “Welcome”